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Laser cutting, marking, punching, welding, coating and a highly qualified technical department

ADB operates in the market of light carpentry and job processing as a leader company in terms of experience and professionalism.

The company is specialized in laser cutting industry: 2D laser cutting, 3D laser cutting, laser cutting of tubes, laser welding, laser marking are just some of the services offered. Moreover there are other types of processing and services such as punching, bending, welding, powder coating and the presence of a highly qualified technical department expertin the realization of technical drawings, with the use of 2D and 3D CAD software, and in the machine programming language (CAM) through dedicated software.

Since 1972, when the company was established, to date ADB has remarkably evolved: our commitment and the passion for our job combined with the great experience gained over the years let us guarantee high quality and efficient products. The interest in new technology solutions and a constant renewal in cutting-edge machines allowed us to improve year after year and to offer an increasingly higher level of quality; it is certainly not a coincidence that the entrepreneurial spirit that distinguishes our company is always oriented to technology research and improvement of productive resources, with the use of top quality materials. The production flexibility of a small well-organized company allows us to greatly reduce costs and production time.

ADB is a company based in the province of Brescia (Italy), and is working in order to have a constant growth: keep update and meet your requirements are the objectives that we follow every day.